Meet the Chef

Emily Trusler

Executive Chef

Chef Emily Trusler

Emily Trusler was born in Ann Arbor Michigan and moved to Houston when she was ten. Her first memory of food was being in the kitchen with her mother and grandmother peeling potatoes. Trusler’s family comes from German decent, so her grandmother cooked a lot of German food, making the best spaetzle – her family called them nifflies – on the planet. Her grandmother loved having family get-togethers and always cooked a feast and she watched as her grandfather would make apple pies from scratch, and the whole house would smell like apple and cinnamon.

Trusler started her culinary career managing bar kitchens. She worked at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar for four years, starting as a prep cook and working her way up to Executive Sous Chef. Trusler doesn’t have a specific cuisine she likes to cook, but instead prefers experimenting with distinctive styles and flavors. Her vision of cuisine is that there should be no rules – fly by the seat of your pants and see where the ingredients take you! Outside of the kitchen, Trusler enjoys sewing, traveling and amateur furniture upholstery.